Due to Covid-19 schooling and programming restrictions we would like to offer the opportunity of some additional youth hockey   programming at Fifth Third Arena. Please take the opportunity to complete the survey based on the program descriptions below.

 Private lessons- 45 minute sessions with a coach. You can either create your own group of skaters or be placed in a group with skaters   of similar skill levels. Private lessons are also available for on demand programming. If you have a group of skaters interested we will   schedule your group and a coach at your preferred time.

 Class during the week- we would like to offer an additional class during the week to give families more options than our normal   Saturday morning classes. Traditional classes- beginners, minorhawks, and rookies will be offered

 Hockey School/ Virtual Learning Assistance- this program will offer both on ice, off ice and class room learning experiences. Kids will   develop on the ice and in the class room each day. Students will be expected to complete their academic curriculum provided by their    school while Fifth Third Arena's instructor will be there to assist with their virtual curriculum.

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Which time blocks below would you most prefer new programs to be offered