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    As the Chicago Blackhawks' official charitable arm, the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation works to create a healthier, smarter, more secure world for children and families across Chicagoland. By providing access to programming and resources that make a positive impact, the organization strives to invest in Chicagoland's youth, support local families in need and honor the sacrifices of others in addition to growing the great game of hockey.

      The Chicago Blackhawks Foundation utilizes Fifth Third Arena to further the mission of creating inclusive and accessible programs and engagement for community members and organizations including:


      Healthy Hawks: This summer camp program is designed to support students in learning healthy habits concerning physical, nutritional, and mental health. The students are exposed to nutritious foods, caring for and learning about garden maintenance, caring for your physical and mental health, with the opportunity to engage within the various gyms at Fifth Third Arena along with getting the opportunity to learning to skate. This past year we partnered with The Bloc Chicago and plan to work alongside various West Side community based programs to provide this program to their participants.


      Field Trip Program: We partner with schools and after school programs from around the city of Chicago to expose students to ice skating and learning to skate. These students are often taking the ice for the first time and are utilizing the same spaces as the professionals.


      Career and Job Exposure: In an effort to make a long term impact with those unfamiliar with careers in sports, the Foundation has a number of opportunities to engage with individuals looking to learn about the various positions and jobs within Fifth Third and the front office of the Chicago Blackhawks. Most recently, we’ve teamed up with Embarc, an in school program exposing students to new and exciting activities; this partnership has provided over 200 students from Michele Clark High School the opportunity to tour the Blackhawks locker room, skate on their ice, and engage with front office and FTA professionals to learn more about their career paths to inspire opportunities for the next generation.


      Organizational Engagements: In addition to the programs that we offer, the Foundation seeks to opportunities to our community partners to utilize the spaces available for their various meetings, events, and engagements. From renting out the ice to hosting leadership meetings, organizations utilize Fifth Third Arena as it a connection point from the West Side of Chicago to the rest of the city. This past year, we welcomed organizations such as Girls in the Game to announce their most recent impact report in the Blackhawks Gym; Chicago Gay Hockey hosted their Market Days Tournament with teams from all over the US; and Kids First Chicago utilized our classroom spaces to organize parents in professional development to find their voice in the Chicago Public School system.



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